My friend, Pastor Phil Pechonis, just died of cancer today. He’s in the glory of God now…so I’m sure he’s stoked. But man, am I bummed…

My brothers and I met him in 2005. Through a reference from his brother Mike, and an extraordinary move of the Holy Spirit, we played our music in England at a music festival he founded and directed called Creation Festival UK.

The morning after I met him, he made me lead worship for over a hundred volunteers at the music festival without asking if I knew how to lead worship…or caring what songs I would be leading them in. He taught a devotional on Nehemiah 6 that morning.
He then put my brothers and I to work, not only playing music but building a skate park…we hadn’t told him that we could build a thing, and we never asked how he knew…

Phil baptized me in the Atlantic Ocean in the summer of 2006, just after we had led the worship music at the church he was pastoring at the time…

That summer, besides playing music every day almost all day, he also asked me to paint 15 murals to hang around the music festival with a number of other artists. I’m not too sure how he knew I did graffiti or street art…

My brothers and I spent the summer’s of 2005-2012 ministering the gospel of Jesus alongside Phil. I always called him “Pippers” or “Pip”.

He was a visionary, so he was misunderstood somewhat often. But he was also an evangelist and a pastor. So for the sake of Jesus, being misunderstood was fine with him…

“On A Mission” was what he was described as once to me by a local skater, while I was MC’ing a skate contest he had setup, so he could share the gospel to some more local skaters!

Phil leaves behind an amazing wife, who is also a co-laborer of Jesus, and four great kids. Pray for them please.

My brothers and I weren’t afforded an upbringing with a “godly father”. So God has seen fit to allow us to observe, be around, and learn from a few faithful men. Men like Phil.

I praise Jesus for giving people like him and his family to me and my family. I was hoping to see him in two weeks when I head out to Creation Fest again, but I’ll have to wait a bit longer…

“Cheers to you” Phil. We miss you.


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